« If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. »



Why coaching?

Recognize and develop your potential and your strengths.

  • Develop yourself further.

    Access your existing resources in decisive moments.
  • Access your existing resources in decisive moments.

    Develop yourself further.
  • Brave your fears.
    Let it go.

    Brave your fears. <br> Let it go.
  • Feel good about yourself.

    Feel good about yourself.
  • Strengthen your private and professional wellbeing.

    Strengthen your private and professional wellbeing.
  • Explore something new. Stay true to yourself.

    Explore something new. Stay true to yourself.

Kids and adolescents

Coaching for the younger ones too

Recognize your own powers and use them at the right time.

« Be cheeky and wild, and wonderful. »


Meet Aika

If you like, Aika is happy to be part of the coaching.

Aika is a trained social dog and loves to be petted. Or just to be there and listen without criticizing or judging.

She is a pretty cool dog and together, we can help you find solutions with regard to the following topics, for example:

  • Manage your emotions.

    Manage your emotions.
  • Stress and concentration.

    Stress and concentration.
  • Competitions.

  • Speak in public.

    Speak in public.
  • Develop within a group. Stop Bullying.

    Develop within a group. Stop Bullying.
  • Free yourself from dependencies.

    Free yourself from dependencies.

Group coaching

Motivation and group dynamics

Learn from each other.

Group coaching

I belong to a group of trainers and coaches who, through NH Life Coaching S.à r.l.-S., offer anti-violence/anti-bullying trainings in primary and high schools. If you are interested in such trainings, please contact me.

Group coaching

Ich bin - Ech sinn - Ik ben


Je suis - I am

Group coaching

Professional competencies

As a lawyer, I worked for many years in the private segment of the Luxembourg financial sector and at the Financial Supervision Authority (CSSF) as well as for the Luxembourg Government.

I have acquired the following additional qualification allowing me to do what I really enjoy:
Accompanying people to see, feel and use their own strengths:

  • Systemic anti- violence trainer SAGT® and deescalation trainer (Sydema Institut, Mülheim, D).
  • Special coach bullying prevention / intervention FMPI® (Sydema Institut, Mülheim, D)
  • emTrace® coach (Baum Akademie, Köln, D).


All coach and trainer courses have given me valuable techniques and methods to help people in situations in which they are looking for the right path for them.

I like to incorporate my experience from my previous areas of activity, in particular my trained problem awareness and solution-oriented work, into my coaching.

Group coaching


My family roots are in Germany and the Netherlands, but I was brought up in Luxembourg. Since completing my studies and my legal clerkship abroad, I have returned to live in this beautiful country with my husband and our two children.


Languages Coaching sessions may be held in Luxembourgish, German, French, Dutch and English

Vanessa Gabriel : Languages


Let's get to know each other

in a non-binding preliminary talk.

Do not hesitate to contact me using the form or by phone.

Vanessa Gabriel Coaching*

Cabinet Pluridisciplinaire
27, Rue Principale
L-5241 Sandweiler

Notice: I am neither a doctor, nor a therapist nor a psychologist. Accordingly, I cannot treat any diseases or mental disorders. Persons who suffer from the latter should consult a doctor or psychotherapist who can respond to their individual needs.

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